Timmy is George's loyal dog who will do anthing for George

Appearance Edit

Timmy is a big sandy coloured loyal mongrel. Timmy also has big brown eyes

Personality Edit

Timmy is very clever, he can escape from the bad guys and he can always find George. He will also attack if George tells him to.

What books is this charcter in?  Edit

Timmy is in all the famous five books

Timmy's Relationship with the others Edit


George Edit

Timmy's best friend is George his Master. Timmy will do anything for George even protect him from the bad guys.

Julian Edit

Julian is the only one apart from George who can control Timmy (only sometimes though)


Dick thinks Timmy is great and Timmy loves him.

Anne Edit

Timmy loves Anne and Timmy loves watching over her as she is the youngest of the lot.