The Stick Family is the chapter two of the book Five Run Away Together.

Characters in this Chapter Edit

Anne, Dick, George, Julian,Timmy. Edgar, Tinker, Uncle Quentin, Mrs Stick, Aunt Fanny

Content Edit

The five deced to go to beach and as they come back they see Edgar, Mrs Sticks son. George says that if her Mother was not fellng ill she would of flied at Edgar.George goes up to see her mum and at the moment Stinker (Mrs Sticks dog called Stinker by the five) appears and Timmy goes for him and nearly tears Julian's arm off . Mrs Stick appears wth a saucepan and tries to hit Timmy but missed and she ht her own dog. Edgar was about to throw a stone but Anne screamed at hm and shouted "yOUR'E NOT TO THROW THAT STONE YOUR NOT TO YOU. YOU BAD WCKED BOY".  Then Uncle Quentin appears and George rushes out and tries to get Timmy. Uncle Quentn tells Julan to get the hose. He does so and squirts at the two dogs who separate and then Julian points the hose at Edgar who gets soaked. Uncle Quentin tells Mrs Stick off for letting the dog out the house not on the leash and he tells George to to Timmy up. The five then get ready and go to the beach agan when they find Edgar who wants to go to the island. George tells him he can't.