The Famous Five books are about 3 brothers and sisters who go and stay at their cousins in the hoildays and get up to all kind of adventues. Their are all together 21 books some of which have been turned into books and T.V shows.

Books Edit

  1. Five on a Treasure Island
  2. Five Go Adventuring Again
  3. Five Run Away Together
  4. Five Go To Smuggler's Top
  5. Five Go Off In A Caravan
  6. Five On Kirrin Island Again
  7. Five Go Off To Camp
  8. Five Get Into Trouble
  9. Five Fall Into Adventure
  10. Five On A Hike Together
  11. Five Have A Wonderful Time
  12. Five Go Down To The Sea
  13. Five Go To Mystery Moor
  14. Five Have Plenty Of Fun
  15. Five On A Secret Trail
  16. Five Go To Billycock Hill
  17. Five Get Into A Fix
  18. Five On Finniston Farm
  19. Five Go To Demon's Rocks
  20. Five Have A Mystery To Solve
  21. Five Are Together Again

Characters Edit

The Main Five characters are





and Timmy

There are other charcters as well such as

Uncle Quentin

but you can find them else where.

Places Edit

There are lots of places in the famous five the man two being

Kirrin Cottage

and Kirrin island

There are other places as well such as but you can find them else where.