Julien is the oldest of the five. He is the one who can defeat any enemy with his quick tongue.

Appearance Edit

Julian has sandy coloured hair and is quite tall.


Julian is strong, determined and very smart. If he sets his mind he can do it and often teases Anne and George.

What books is this character in? Edit

Julien is in all the books

Julian's friends Edit

Dick Edit

Dick and Julian are very close brothers. Dick will always back up Julian and like wise.

Anne Edit

Although he teases her because she is the youngest, he loves Julian loves Anne and wound hate to see her in danger.

George Edit

Julian cares about George especially when she is about to do something silly. George also gets teased by Julian because she is a girl.

Timmy Edit

Julian can kinda of control Timmy and although Julian is brave he feels safer with Timmy.