George is the second oldest wth Dick. George who s really a girl called Georgina has always wanted to be a boy. She owns Kirrin island and  Timmy.


George has short, curly, brown hair. She always wears boys clothers even though she's a girl

Personality Edit

George is has a very short temper and often flys at the enemy whn upset. She hates crying because boys don't cry or so she thinks.

What books is this charcter in? Edit

George is in all the famous five books

George's friends Edit

Timmy Edit

Timmy more then George's dog. Timmy George are best friends. No one can separate them because they are such gopod friends George is often Kidnaped because she has gone to look for Timmy

Anne Edit

George thinks Anne a right girly girl. But the two get along sometmes. Geoge gets angry at Anne wll make up for it when Anne an important clue.

Dick Edit

George thinks Dickis very funny and because the two are the same age they get along great.

Julian Edit

Julian the one the calms George  down when she is upset .