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Her Famous Five books are about 3 brothers and sisters who go and stay at their cousins in the hoildays and get up to all kind of adventures and solve mysteries together. Their are all together 21 books some of which have been turned into books and T.V shows.

The Secret Seven books are like the Famous Five, but concerns a mystery-solving club of children and their spaniel, Scamper.

The Malory Towers series is about Darrell Rivers and her sister, Felicity, who go to Malory Towers boarding school.

Her other girls boarding school series, St. Clare’s, centres on the adventures of the identical O’Sullivan Twins and their friends.

Now we have 19 articles in this Wiki, since 25 March 2009, when it was created by the User:Loony_Luna22.

Since 9th October 2012 we have a Cooperation to the German Fünf Freunde Wiki (Famous Five Wiki), which is a little bit bigger.

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