A Nasty Shock is the chapter three of the book Five Run Away Together.

Characters in this Chapter Edit

George, Jim the boatman, Timmy, Julian, Dick, Anne, The Jackdaws, Edgar

Content Edit

The five go down to the beach to see if George's boat is ready. It is not. The five decied they can go to the island tomorrow and take a picnic. They then walk along the cliff top where they can see the island and they talk about the jackdaws they can see when George spots smoke coming from the island. She is sure it's from the island but the others tell her it's probaly a steamer. They get back to kirrin cottage. As they walk in they spot Edgar reading one of Julians books and the five tell him there Uncle we be very angry and are horiffed to find he has been in Uncle Quentin study. George goes all around the house trying to find her father and can't find him or her mother and eventuly gets it out of Edgar  that her mother has been taking to hospital and Quentin went with her.