A Few Little Upsets is the chapter four of the book Five Run Away Together.

Characters in this Chapter Edit

George, Anne, Julian, Dick, Timmy, Edgar, Mrs Stick, Tinker

Content Edit

George reads the letter her father wrote. And gets upset because she can't beleve whats happened. Julian goes to try and get a meal. And Mrs Stick tells him if George slaps Edgar again. She will be sorry. After Mrs Stick says she won't get them tea Julan goes and gets t himself. Until eventually she caves and gets the tea. Julian threatens to go to the police if she doesn't get hm food and is astonished to find that she becomes nicer. Mrs Stick brings the tea. George and Anne were still upset. Dick tried to cheer everyone up with no luck and Julan acting very grown up. After tea they went n the garden where they could hear  Edgar singing from the kitchen. Julan tells hm to come outside. Edgar sad no because Julian wanted to fight him. Julan then pulls Edgars nose. After that Stinker appears and Timmy goes after him. Mrs Stick appers wth a stick and lashes out at the dog and Julan heads for the hose. After the dogs separate. Mrs Stick says she will posion Timmy. Then the telephone goes